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Clear Quartz Seer Stone

Clear Quartz Seer Stone

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This listing is for one Clear Quartz Seer Stone  These are also called Emma eggs.  They are stones that have been naturally tumbled in the Emma River of Brazil.  One side of the stone has been polished so that you can see into it.  

Natural gemstones are going to vary in shape, size and pattern.  The sizes average between 1.25" to 1.75".

Clear Quartz is known as "Crystal Quartz" and is made from oxygen and silicone atoms. 

What is a seer stone?  Seer stones were believed to have been used by ancient prophets to get revelations from God.  One way to use the stone is to stare and focus into the crystal.  Be patient and wait for images and/or symbols to appear within the crystal or your minds eye.  The crystal has natural inclusions and as you start into it and slowly turn they can start looking like symbols and signs.  These images can be used to tell the future and get an idea about what's to come if you happen to be focusing about a specific situation.  The study of signs and symbols is helpful when using scrying, although not required.  You can research online what the symbolism meanings are for what images and signs you see appear within the crystal.

Clear Quartz Metaphysical Properties:  enhances psychic abilities, stimulates immune system, balances body-mind-spirit, amplifies energy including the energy of other crystals it is near, soul cleanser, protects against negativity, connects you to your higher self, clears mind, helps with pain and soothes nerves, protects against negativity

Clear Quartz on Mohs Hardness: 7